The In February 2015, Nuttall Restoration was contacted to provide specialized services in restoring an apartment unit following the eviction of a tenant. The apartment unit was in disarray with debris and bodily fluids throughout the unit causing widespread damage and health hazards.

Due to the nature of the contaminants and drug related paraphernalia mixed within the debris, the restoration required the use of full body personal protective equipment and careful, proper disposal of the debris and bodily fluids.

The Restoration

Over the years, we have gained experience in dealing with biohazards and trauma scenes. This is why we were fully prepared to assist with the cleanup. A team of specialized technicians with experience in dealing with contaminated cleanup was dispatched to the property and immediately began the restoration. The restoration was completed over a two-day period. The contaminated debris was removed and the bacterial residue and foul odor was neutralized.

The Outcome

Given the nature of the damage, it was vital to use discretion and professionalism so as not to disturb the other tenants of the building and to maintain the building owner’s standards. We accomplished this by staging the appropriate decontamination protocols as required.