Following a severe a rainstorm, Nuttall Restoration was contacted to assist with a flood in a family home. Rainwater had overwhelmed the residential wastewater system causing the sewer line leading out from the home to become blocked. This blockage caused raw sewage to backup out through the toilet and shower in the basement of the home for an extended period of time as the homeowners only discovered it a day later. As a result, raw sewage spread throughout the basement causing severe damage and a foul smell throughout the home.

Raw sewage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When we arrived at the home, the homeowners were understandably quite frantic and upset with the situation. They were most concerned for their personal belongings and a custom cedar sauna built in the basement.


Sewage is difficult to treat and requires removal of certain materials followed by a thorough disinfection and structural drying before reconstruction can begin.

One of our project managers assessed the situation and assured the homeowners that their home would be fully restored. The homeowners said they had heard of Nuttall and their reputation for quality workmanship. They added that they felt comfortable putting their trust in us!

The home basement was fully finished with personal belongings spread throughout. Our contents mitigation team quickly began packing the contents so to they could be restored at the Nuttall facility using their specialized equipment.

Once the contents were safely removed, we immediately began removing the damaged materials to prevent further damage and to alleviate the foul smell in the home. Teams worked on restoring the structure while the contents team continued worked on restoring the belongings at the Nuttall facility.

The Outcome

The project went smoothly and the homeowners were quite pleased with the progress and were extremely satisfied with the results. These homeowners’ worst nightmare didn’t end up having the horrible outcome they expected.